Sources of Information, Geographic Restrictions, and Disclaimers

School data presented on were obtained from university websites and through contact with program administrators and advisors at the individual schools. Schools offering online MSW programs were obtained through research on the CSWE website and the World Wide Web. For schools that would like to be added to our site or have their information updated, please contact us.

Geographic Restrictions

Several online MSW programs have geographic restrictions. Some graduate schools only accept students from certain states and even specific counties within those states, while others may not accept students from all 50 states. In addition, some programs do not accept students who live within a certain distance from their campuses because they would prefer those students to attend a campus-based program. While we have done our best on this site to note which schools have geographic restrictions, prospective students should consult with an admission counselor at their school of interest to determine if they would be eligible for admission, since these restrictions do change over time.


  • Licensing Requirements: Licensing requirements for social workers vary by state and prospective students should confirm with their state’s Social Work Licensing Board that the online programs they are considering meet the requirements for licensing. Students should also speak with an admission counselor to determine if the program they are interested in accepts students from their state of residence.
  • Advanced Standing Programs: Admission requirements for advanced standing programs vary greatly by school and typically have stricter requirements than traditional programs. These could include completion of specific undergraduate classes in order to waive first year graduate course work. In addition, some programs have minimum GPA requirements for all undergraduate social work classes.
  • Tuition Costs: For most schools on the site, the overall cost of the program is estimated based on the total number of credit hours required to graduate multiplied by the cost per credit hour. Tuition rates displayed on the site are not guaranteed and may not include university fees or other expenses. Most schools re-evaluate tuition costs on a yearly basis, so it is best to check with an admission advisor about current tuition costs and program expenses.
  • Admissions Policies: The majority of online MSW programs have a selective admission process which means that they do not accept all students who apply. Consequently, even students who meet minimum admission criteria are not guaranteed admission.
  • Online Programs with a Campus Requirement: For online programs that require a limited number of visits to the campus, students should be aware that travel expenses are typically not included as part of the tuition costs or university fees.
  • New Hampshire Residents: For Students in New Hampshire who wish to pursue a career in clinical social work, they must attend either a hybrid or on-campus MSW program to meet licensing requirements set forth by the New Hampshire Board of Mental Health Practice. To meet licensing requirements, students must have at least one year of face-to-face instruction in their MSW program.

While we do our best to ensure that the data on is accurate and up-to-date, we do not guarantee that the data on the site is accurate. Data should only be used as a guide when researching online MSW programs. Students should contact schools directly for the most up-to-date and accurate information with respect to specific degree programs, course offerings, tuition rates, admission requirements, start dates, program lengths, program outcomes, and geographic restrictions.

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